SWF Advanced Parameters

Function: Defines the minimum Flash Player version required by the SWF application to function correctly. If a user's installed Flash Player version is lower than this number, the Flash Player will ask for permission to download and install an upgrade. It is recommended to use the lowest possible version number for the particular SWF activity.

  • Skin: Path to a SWF or XML file that defines the appearance of the graphic user interface (GUI)
  • API Key: Some applications may consume web services that require an API key.
  • Align: Currenty not working due to CSS formatting on Moodle that overrides this parameter.
  • Auto Play: If the Flash file is a timeline animation sequence, start playing automatically.
  • Loop Playback: If the Flash file is a timeline animation sequence, repeat when it finishes.
  • Menu: Sets what users can see on the Flash Player context menu (right-click)
  • Quality: The quality and resolution of the graphics displayed by Flash.
  • Scale Mode: Set how display objects in the Flash Player window change in dimensions when it's resized by the browser.
  • Stage Align: Set the anchor point for all display objects in the Flash Player window.
  • Window Mode: Set the properties of the Flash Player background, for example transparency. In most cases, opaque is the best setting.
  • Background Colour: Set the colour of the Flash Player background with hexidecimal numbers RRGGBB, e.g. FFFFFF = white, 000000 = black, FF0000 = red, etc.
  • Use Device Font: Use the built-in Flash Player fonts to render dynamic text.
  • Seamless Tabbing: Put interactive elements of Flash apps in a tabbing order with browsers'. Useful for accessibility.
  • Allow Full Screen: Allow Flash apps to go into full screen mode (take over users' entire screen and disable keyboard)
  • Allow Script Access:
  • Allow Networking: Allow Flash apps to send and receive data from other apps.
  • SWF Config File: If controlling a number of Flash apps with the same settings is desirable, a single external configuration XML file can be used.

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