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by Matt Bury |

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Login informations
  • You can login to both Neptun & Moodle using the same username & password (Students & Teachers, too)!
  • Login to Neptun. If you were able to login using your username & password into Neptun, then you should also login to Moodle!
  • Students can log in using Neptun code as username, and the password is same as one used in Neptun. Beginning password is Neyyyymmdd, where yyyy is birth year, mm is two digit number of birth month, dd is two digit number of birth day. You can change password after first login by clicking to your name (in the top right corner), within the profile page. Note, the beginning password is starting with "Ne"!
  • Teachers can log in using their username or Neptun code, and their password is same as the one used in Neptun.
  • After first login, you should fill in the fields marked with red star *, including your e-mail address. After entering you e-mail address and submitting the form, you should get an activation e-mail within 5-10 minutes, in which you should click onto the activation link.

Problems & solutions:
  1. If the password does not working:
    • Check if the CAPS LOCK is not turned on. If CAPS LOCK is on, the turn it off and try again the login to Moodle.

    • If you type wrong password into Neptun or Moodle 10x, then Neptun locks out you from the system for longer time, thus you can not login to Moodle.

  2. If you can not go further on the Moodle user profile page because always returns you to the same page:
    • Check if all fields marked with * are filled, and you activated your e-mail address.

    • E-mail activation: after you typed your e-mail address you should get an e-mail. You should click the link you find in it, to activate your e-mail address.

    • If the activation e-mail does not arrive within 10 minutes, please check it in your SPAM folder.

    • If the activation e-mail does not arrive within 30 minutes, then click on the Profile page to the "Cancel email change" link, then type again your e-mail address. Check multiple times, if your e-mail address was typed correcty!

    • Some email service providers like Hotmail, Freemail, Citromail may have delivery problems, even more hour delays may happen.
      If you don't even get the activation e-mail from our Moodle, then, check if you typed your e-mail address correctly.

      If you typed your e-mail address correctly, but still did not get the e-mail, then check your SPAM folder. If you don't find in SPAM folder, then register a free e-mail address.

    • If Moodle says, that "Change pending. Open the link sent to you at", then check your e-mail box, if you got e-mail from our Moodle admin.
      • If yes, open it, and click to the link in it.
      • If no, then click the "Cancel email change" link, type again your e-mail address, click the "Update profile" button, and you should get an e-mail from our Moodle admin, having inside a link you can click and validate your e-mail address.
Please, share your opinion, experience using our Moodle e-learning system, or ask help using the following e-mail!

You can ask further help (admin speaks English, go ahead, write English e-mails):